Meet Our Team!

Lab Manager

Margaret Wiwuga

Margaret graduated in May 2018 from the University of Virginia double majoring in Psychology and Studio Art. Currently the lab manager for the Applied Public Policy and Leadership Experiments (APPLE) and the Social Cognition and Behavior (SCABL) labs at the University, she aspires to attain a Ph.D in psychology and become a clinical therapist. She is proud to have almost high-fived Dean Groves while riding her bike.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Erin Frey

Erin is a post-doctoral fellow at UVA’s Darden School of Business and received her Ph.D in Organizational Behavior from Harvard Business School in 2018. She has an undergraduate degree in environmental science and public policy. Erin currently is a mixed-methods researcher studying the aftermath of bad behavior in organizations, and her topics of study range from how transgressors reintegrate into organizations following ethical violations to how victims and transgressors repair relationships. She aspires to be a tenure track faculty member at a business school.

Graduate students

Evan Bruno

Evan is a Ph.D candidate in his fifth year of the program for leadership and organizational behavior. He is currently studying the impact of voice and silence, ethical judgements, and perspective in organizations, and he will be graduating in 2021.

Maura Austin

Maura is a Ph.D candidate in her third year of the Social Psychology program. In the lab she is working on investigating how people update their judgments of moral character and perceive changes or growth in others' moral character. She is interested in the interesting paradox that people seem to enjoy successful redemption stories, but - conflictingly - hesitate to offer second chances to people who are in the process of attempting to redeem themselves. Maura grew up in Japan, which inspired her to study social psychology.

Laurel Detert

Laurel graduated in May 2020 from The College of William & Mary with a B.S. in Neuroscience and Public Health. During her undergraduate time, she was involved in research on decision making during political conversations and utilized physiological data to explore political disengagement. Laurel is interested in getting a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior or Social Psychology in the hopes of studying decision making and leadership in organizations. 

Undergraduate Students

Ben Stein ‘21

Ben is a third-year in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics and Cognitive Science and minoring in Computer Science. After joining the APPLE Lab as a research assistant last year, he decided to spend the summer in Charlottesville continuing his work. Ben aspires to get a graduate degree in either psychology or economics and ultimately enter the field of behavioral economics, specifically focusing on judgment and decision-making.

Madeline DeRose ‘21

Madeline is a third-year majoring in foreign affairs with a minor in Spanish. In addition to being a research assistant, she is working with Professor Adams on a #metoo project researching the effectiveness of apologies released by sexual assault or harassment offenders. This summer she is working as an intern for Congressman Mike Quigley in his district office. Madeline hopes to work in politics in the future possibly in the State Department or political advertising.

Maya Ewart ‘21

Maya is a third-year majoring in psychology and hoping to get a masters degree in public policy. Maya is the co-publicity chair for the Spectrum Theatre and directed their recent production of Spring Awakening. This summer Maya is working at Rock Recovery, which is a nonprofit that provides education and treatment for disordered eating. She hopes to work in education policy in the future.

Luc Teyssier '22

Luc is a second-year who wants to double major in Women & Gender Studies and Youth & Social Innovation. Luc hopes to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and work with LGBTQ+ youth and trauma survivors. In the past, Luc has been involved in political activism, including lobbying his local school board for an LGBTQ+ non-discrimination policy and the State legislature for LGBTQ+ protections in housing and employment in Virginia. This summer Luc is interning for Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton, whose primary campaign he previously worked on. 

Lisette Dubow '22

Lisette is second-year aspiring to major in Public Policy and Leadership at Batten and minor in East Asian Studies as well as Middle-Eastern Studies. She has previously been involved in leading sexual health education workshops in low-income communities. She hopes to work in a government job or Think Tank after graduation.

Charlie Groscup '22

Charlie is a second-year who aspires to apply to the Master's program at Batten. He is a member of the Honor Committee, and he spent this summer working as an intern at a tableware company. After graduating, he hopes to enter the field of private economic consulting. 

Caroline Daniel '22

Caroline is a second-year who hopes to double major in either Economics or Public Policy and Leadership at Batten in addition to her Spanish major. Last summer she worked as a healthcare consulting intern and plans to travel abroad this summer. Presently, she is an English tutor for recent Charlottesville immigrants and she volunteers at the Legal Aid Justice Center as a Spanish translator and a general intern. After graduation, she hopes to work either in the field of law or public policy in order to improve the lives of marginalized people. ​


Abby Keatts '22

Abby is a second-year majoring in Public Policy and Leadership and minoring in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. At UVA, she works at the Career Center, volunteers with the football team, and lives in Shea House where she gets hands-on experience with ASL and the Deaf community. In addition to her jobs in Charlottesville, she interns at a law firm and works at a grocery store while at home. After graduation, she hopes to earn either a graduate degree in public policy or public health.

Catherine Nash '23

Catherine is a first-year who plans on applying to Batten and minoring in psychology. Prior to coming to UVA, she spent time in Appalachia repairing houses for the impoverished and volunteering at the pain management center at Central Baptist Hospital in Kentucky. Catherine aspires to attend law school after graduating with hopes of eventually becoming a criminal defense attorney. 

Lab Alumni

Vika Herrera '19​

Vika recently graduated from UVA with a degree in Psychology with a minor in Russian Language and Literature.

Saahithi Budharaju ‘20

Saahithi is a fourth-year majoring in cognitive statistics and statistics. This summer she is working as a data science intern for BP in Chicago.

Hannah Koizumi ‘21

Hannah is a third-year in the Batten School of Public Policy and Leadership and is getting a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. She worked as a research assistant with the APPLE lab this past summer. Hannah currently serves as the chair of Student Council’s Legislative Affairs Committee and the Vice President of the Mixed Race Student Coalition. She aspires to go to law school and to be fluent in Arabic.

Joanne Kim ‘21

Joanne is a third-year majoring in media studies with a minor in politics. She has worked in the lab on the #metoo project with Professor Adams. This summer Joanne is interning for the Emergency Management Office in Albemarle County and the Simsbury Chamber of Commerce.

Ben Kilpatrick ‘21

Ben is a third-year student double majoring in commerce and economics with a minor in public policy and leadership. He is the founder of a consulting organization at UVA that does pro-bono work with local non-profits. This summer Ben has a corporate finance internship, and he aspires to work in consulting and finance in the future.

David Wornow ‘21

David is a third-year in the McIntire School of Commerce studying finance and management. Previously he coached at a debate camp in LA and worked at Noodles and CO. before coming to UVA. This summer David is working as a financial analyst at a shipping company in Oakland, CA.

Faiza Khanbozai '21

Faiza is a third-year in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Foreign Affairs with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. Faiza interned with a government contractor over the summer, working a lot with artificial intelligence and machine learning. She hopes to either start a non-profit or work for a government agency. In her free time, she refines her juggling skills.

Lily Brucker ‘22

Lily is a second-year hoping to major in psychology with a possible minor in Italian. She aspires to be a criminal/forensic psychologist, and this summer Lily is taking a psychology of criminal behavior class at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In the past, she has gone cliff jumping and encountered a bear.

Nidhi Desal '22

Nidhi is a second-year who hopes to double major in Public Policy and Leadership at Batten and either Foreign Affairs or Global Security and Justice. She has served on the executive board of the Indian Student Association for two consecutive years and is the Chief of Staff for Virginia Model United Nations. This summer, she has been an intern for Senator Mark Warner at one of his congressional offices. Nidhi has also been a research assistant for eyewitness confidence and juror decision-making. After graduation, she aspires to attend law school and hopes to be a U.S. senator one day. 

Andy Hales

Andy is a post-doctoral fellow who received his Ph.D in social psychology from Purdue University in 2017. He studies ostracism, decision-making, social influence, and psychology of religion.

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